厦门猎头网(www.xmlietou.net隶属于佰俊猎头公司,是为厦门及周边企业、人才提供专业服务的猎头网站。佰俊(厦门)致力于为厦门及周边优秀企业猎寻最适合的人选,为精英人才推荐最佳的职业舞台。厦门猎头网秉承佰俊国际一贯的服务理念,为企业和人才的成功提供国际化猎头服务。联系05925186035 5820761 


2008年,佰俊正式将中国内地作为重要的战略方向,在北京、上海、厦门、南京、杭州、广州、 深圳、成都、重庆、武汉、南京、大连等16个主要城市建立了分公司或办事处。我们结合中国的政策环境和内地企业需求现状,为数2000多家外资企业、上市公司、民营企业提供了人力资源战略服务以及高管寻访服务。






目前,佰俊是“全球人力资源寻访机构”荣誉单位,国际猎头组织NPA (National Personnel Association) 会员,能够分享NPA世界各地的猎头职位以及人才数据。佰俊也是厦门人力资源协会理事,厦门企业和企业家联合会理事等机构会员,为厦门周边企业的海内外高级人才的引进、台海人才交流做出了突出成绩。



About Birkim International

Birkim International is a trusted, most experienced human resources services company, is a leading global executive recruitment consulting services.

Birkim established in 2002 in Hong Kong, respectively after Taipei and Kaohsiung in Taiwan, Singapore, Tokyo, Japan and other countries to open branches. Our customers are located in different industries, from the world's  First-class companies to medium-sized enterprises, as well as emerging start-up companies. We have 1.2 million customers through quality service.

Since 2008, Birkim is as the important strategic direction officially in the mainland of China. There are in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Dalian and other major cities of the 16 branches or offices. We combine the policy environment and the Mainland of China business needs status for more than 2,000 foreign-funded enterprises, listed companies, private enterprises providing strategic human resources services and executive search services.

We believe that 80-90% of enterprise value by 10% of people creating, these people are the leaders! Birkim as a major executive search chain searching for bodies, relying on a global branch network, a strong team of professional consultants, and open search model, designed to deliver the effective productivity - the scarcity of senior management personnel and professional and technical personnel.

We have a large-scale business process-based management information systems, professional training management system, and standardized quality control system in strict accordance with international search Association (AESC) of the standard processes and ISO international quality management standard screening process and recommended the implementation of personnel work.

  In 2019 we won the first prize at the first competition of “Golden Human Resources of Xiamen”

  In 2019 we were rewarded as “credible Service on Human Resources of Xiamen”

  In 2020, it won the title of "Lixin enterprise".
Birkim is "global human resources searching agency" honor unit, National Personnel Association member can share the NPA search positions and human data around the world. Birkim is also Xiamen Human Resource Association, Federation of directors of enterprises and entrepreneurs in Xiamen and other institutional members at home and abroad enterprises in Xiamen surrounding the introduction of senior personnel, personnel exchanges across the Taiwan Straits have made outstanding achievements.

We have been standing in the customer's core development strategy point of view to provide services. Our policy combined with China's national conditions and to provide personnel agency, personnel evaluation, performance appraisal, pay and benefits, employee training, human resources outsourcing and other business functions, are required to fulfill the customer's strategy formulation, long-term development planning requirements, systematic services to customers more effective decision-making, the core team stronger, more powerful core competition.

We are committed to building long term relationships with customers; keep their promises to ensure quality of service. Since Birkim into mainland of China has been maintained a sound momentum of rapid development, human capital has become a key supplier of choice for the value of the brand, It is also one of the service institutions recognized by the industry as a soft power.

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